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Your electric runaround for city traffic.

The NOVANTIC is one of the newest members of the emco family. The harmonic design with its elegant lines makes a real impression. The colour range in black and white highlights the classic line.

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Less than €1 per 100 km (60 miles)

Less than €1 per 100 km (60 miles)

Fast acceleration

Fast acceleration

Charge at any socket

Charge at any socket

Range of up to 100 km (60 miles)

Range of up to 100 km (60 miles)

Quiet electric scooter with 2000 watts

The NOVANTIC combines characteristic visuals with modern technology. A modern, handy lithium-ion battery provides the power and can be removed for charging or can even be charged in the scooter. One charge takes you about 50 km (30 miles), while a second spare battery provides double the range. Overall the batteries can last up to about 80,000 km (just under 50,000 miles) – that's like going around the world twice!

Like its brother the NOVA, the lighter NOVANTIC and its electric motor brings up to 2000 watts at 2.7 hp to the streets, making a zippy speed of up to 45 km/h (28 mph) possible, all without noise or toxic exhaust fumes. With one battery, this e-scooter weighs just 92 kg (202 lbs or about 14.5 stone). The hydraulic disc brake at the front and drum brake at the back are smooth yet effective. The NOVANTIC is also available with a moped kit to limit speed to 25 km/h (15 mph).

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Technical data

Battery capacity 48 V/ 28 Ah
Charging time2 hours
Max. range   50 km
Power (hp)2,7
Max. speed (km/h (mph))45
Moped kit, 25 km/h (15.5 mph)yes
Weight80 kg
Gradeability17 %
No. of riders2
Max. load180 kg
Tyre size front/back3,5-10
Front brakeshydraulic disc brake
Rear brakesdrum brake


Storage compartment, shown here with spare battery

Storage compartment, shown here with spare battery double pack and quick-charger. 

Novantic C2000, stable luggage rack

emco NOVANTIC C 2000: stable luggage rack and large lighting unit.

Novantic C2000, illuminated cockpit

Large illuminated cockpit with speed indicator, battery indicator and control lights as well as integrated switch for the lighting system, direction indicators and horn.

Novantic C2000, windscreen

emco NOVANTIC C 2000: different windscreens can also be mounted, if desired.

NOVANTIC C 2000: Removable lithium-ion battery

Removable lithium-ion battery, also suitable for charging at home.

Novantic C2000, city scooter with classic design

emco NOVANTIC C 2000: city scooter with classic design for riding in style.


Flashy accessories for eco-friendly runarounds

Of course, we also have a range of accessories for our electric scooters. Whether you're looking for a windscreen, top case or a helmet, find your e-scooter accessories here.

Novantic C2000, top case for helmet, for example.

Top case for practical storage of your helmet, for example.

Novantic C2000, emco controller 2.0

The Controller 2.0 for e-scooter smartphone operation is now available as an extra for Retro and Classic Line models!

Novantic C2000, emco helmet

Slick emco helmet in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Novantic C2000, 37 Ah lithium-ion battery

The 37 Ah lithium-ion battery increases the range by up to 30% and is now available for Retro and Classic Line models!

Novantic C2000, windscreen in various sizes

Windscreen in various sizes.

Novantic C2000, quick-charger

A 15 Ah quick-charger is an ideal extra for the 37 Ah battery.


emco NOVANTIC 2000 black

Available in black.

emco NOVANTIC C2000 white

Available in white.

NOVANTIC C 2000 in red

Available in red.

Model overview

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E-Scooter Classic Novantic C2000