Electric scooters in winter

emco e-scooters are ready for use for cold winter weather

Charge warm, ride cold!

There's no start-up trouble even in winter with these practical tips for electric scooters.

Not sure how to look after your electric scooter in cold weather? Have a look at our winter checklist.

Essential steps:  

  1. Use winter tyres (this is a requirement in some countries even for two-wheelers!)
  2. Check tyre tread and pressure, lighting, horn and brakes
  3. Follow the battery rule: charge warm, ride cold
  4. Do not store the battery in temperature below 15 degrees (viscosity of electrolytes too high)
  5. Do not store unused batteries in cool places in winter (such as in a cellar)
  6. Do not leave batteries untouched for months at a time (fully charge lead gel batteries, and charge lithium-ion batteries to less than 100% due to high voltage, every 3–4 weeks)
  7. Protect the scooter from excessive moisture (place it ideally under a carport or in a garage)
  8. Expect some loss of performance (reduced range and speed)  
  9. Ride carefully and adjust your riding style to suit weather conditions
  10. Clean the scooter with water and a cloth/sponge to remove residual road salt (a power hose is also suitable, but do not point it directly at the battery)

Helpful tips:

  1. Protect chrome parts with conventional protection spray
  2. Install a front windscreen (available as an accessory from emco)
  3. Riding in temperatures well below freezing is possible, but follow the rule: charge warm, ride cold. It is best to charge the battery in plus temperatures because the flow of ions is otherwise too slow. Riding in minus temperatures does not affect the scooter.